• LUST Design- Like Jonathan Harris' "Universe", this interactive web page formats all world news into a world map, in the shape of each country. You can read about current events by hovering over each country.

  • Universal Everything - This is a video displaying the first week readings called "The Amazing Visual Language of Processing". The Sydney Audi TT Viral Video which was made by Matt Pyke and Karsten Schmidt

  • Microsoft's Future - Check out this article about Microsoft's future visions, and also watch the video. The technology is mind-blowing and has the potential to change everything we do, and how we do it. Also take a look at this video to see Microsoft's interactive product called "Surface".

  • This Is Sand - This is actually the blog, but if you click on the "" link, it will take you to a neat little website where you can create 'cosmic landscapes' by clicking and building little piles of sand. It's a little bit pointless but it's a cute idea, and your 'sand' art can be different every time!

  • Universe by Jonathan Harris - This is kind of like a website in its execution: it shows the top news events for a particular subject within a given timeframe. The interface as well as the coding is well done.

  • CCC Awards Show by MODE - MODE is a design studio in Chicago, responsible for Obama's '08 campaign logo. They used Processing to execute the motion design for the Chicago Creative Club Awards 2008. In this case, the programmers actually had to respond to live events of the awards show using some kind of control interface, as opposed to computer cues like a mouse or keyboard strokes.

  • Scriptographer - This is a new add-on for Photoshop and Illustrator involving Processing.

  • We Feel Fine - This is an awesome site created by Jonathan Harris.

  • Beautiful Visuals Done With Processing - There is a video in this link, which I think is crazy, as it really shows some of the possible creations that can be made in Processing. It really makes me want to learn more and more about Processing and Interactivity.

  • Audio-Generated Landscape - From Flight404. I never realized that Processing had this much potential. It looks like a video game!

  • Interactive - Check out these crazy interactive designs. There are 2 links in here, and both are helpful with getting ideas for Part 3 of Project 1. When you open the link, click "Run Applet".

  • Love Lines by Jonathan Harris - Another example of the work done by Jonathan Harris---you can see the progression in his work and the complexity of what he tries to show. Overall, it is just a really cool site to explore.

  • OpenProcessing- Take a look at this website! It has a bunch of things created with Processing, and it's a really good place to get some Processing inspiration. There are various cool and fun things, though I must warn you---you may become distracted and waste a lot of time on this site!

  • Just Landed - 36 Hours - This video was created by Jer Thorp using Processing. He gathered tweets containing the words “just landed in” or “just arriving in" and compared them with their home address, then illustrated each individual voyage.
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