• - A web page all about typography! It includes reviews on newly designed typefaces, resourceful books, and commentaries on various subjects related to typography.
  • - Online colour scheme maker -- good for creating dynamic and fresh colour combinations.
  • Things - A productivity tool for Mac that manages your To-Do list in a much more sophisticated way, including time, tags, and project collections. You can even quickly jot down projects and ideas you'd like to do sometime in the future.
  • Scriptographer - An interesting plugin for Illustrator that allows one to create coded print work.
  • CSSZenGarden - A great resource for looking at CSS and how it works!
  • Lorem Ipsum generator - A tool which can create generic filler text in different styles, and quantities to test layouts.
  • 8 Simple Ways To Improve Typography In Your Designs- a concise set of rules for improving the use of type in web design, providing css examples of how to apply the theory.
  • YOUTHEDESIGNER - A great website for designers, I only started looking through it, but you could get inspiration, tips, guidelines on how to design certain things. There was a blog entry about interactive websites, here, and it's an old post, so some links weren't working when I checked. But yeah, check it out.
  • Apophysis - This is a freeware for doing flames or fractals. This is for the PC, and sadly, not for the Mac. You can search up fractals on deviantART if you don't know what it is.
  • 50 beautiful and creative portfolio designs - "In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of beautiful, unique and highly creative portfolio designs. The aim here is to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to create your own portfolio or re-think your existing one." I felt this website could give us great ideas for our last project.
  • Volkswagen I think this Volkswagen website is a really good example of simple and effective layout and organization. It is also interactive (the navigation of the site) and makes you interested in browsing around.
  • TheMixhead - This artist has a very creative and well-organized portfolio. When I saw this site, it really inspired me to think outside the box for Project 3. This portfolio is simple and easy to navigate around, and the art work is really good. The artist also did a really good job in making his pages reflect the style of his work.
  • The Grid System - As Seen in class, this site is an excellent resource for all things grid-related.
  • 2x4 - A very creative portfolio website.
  • Popup Window Generator - Use this code generator to create a popup window.

  • delicious - A social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. Users can tag each of their bookmarks, and join networks to find websites that may interest them.
  • Tumblr - A blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, video, links, quotes, and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. It is easy to use and customize, and a great way to meet new people on the internet.
  • Facebook - I can't believe no one put this on yet. This site is so popular and it allows you to chat with old friends all over the world and make new ones through connections. It is brilliant, but, beware, it is also addicting.
  • DeviantArt - This website is great if you want to post some of your work and get feedback on it. In particular, there is a group called SheridanArtists which is basically a list of a bunch of fantastic artists that go, or have gone to that school in a variety of different disciplines, including YSDN.

  • The Last Lecture - A lecture given by Randy Pausch, a professor who had months to live and wanted to leave behind important life messages. It inspired me to think about my childhood dreams and what I truly value in life. You can also find the full lecture on Youtube.
  • 1000 Type Treatments - This is a great and useful book for typography. It talks about type for web design too.
  • I Love Typography - For all of you typography lovers.
  • A List Apart - A site with many articles about the trends and emerging practices of web design.
  • Just Creative Design - A really interesting website, it provides great tips for designers articles & resources on all subjects of design
  • Top Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes - An incredibly honest article about working as designers.

  • - a web site full of slideshows and teaching materials that covers a range of interesting topics.
  • Illustrator Tutorials that I find extremely helpful and easy to follow. They are online videos that show you how to make nice glossy logos, icons, or other design related stuff. Check it out if you have free time!
  • W3Schools will come in handy when the website projects come in, or even if you want to learn XHTML/CSS on your own time!
  • quackit - Another CSS/HTML/JavaScript tutorial website.

Use caution: free fonts are usually badly made - poor kerning and awkward letter-shapes.
  • has a lot of decorative fonts and a whole bunch of custom fonts from games, movie posters, etc. The interface is really easy to navigate through and installing the fonts are a no brainer. Enjoy.
  • has a compilation of the best 104 free fonts. They are all quite good in quality.
  • has a lot of great free fonts. The webpage has a great layout and is enjoyable to surf through the many typefaces available. I'll usually download 30 fonts at a time! (For some reason my MAC only downloads the font if I click on WIN, not MAC.)
  • is a great font site that has thousands of different typefaces that you can experiment and explore. Guaranteed to assist in all of your designing needs!
  • myfonts is a great font site that has thousands of different typefaces that you can experiment and explore. Guaranteed to assist in all of your designing needs!
  • [[ is a great font site that has thousands of different typefaces that you can experiment and explore. Guaranteed to assist in all of your designing needs!|40 sleek font for clean web design]] - great website to show you examples of 40 fonts that would work very well in creating a clean web site. self explanatory.