March 5
- Added my name to Student Index
- Learned new processing program (codes, tips, techniques)
- Added Project One link and page
March 12
- Added Project 1 a) sketches and code
March 19
- Added Project 1 b) sketches and code
March 26
- Added Project 1 c) but having technical difficulty

April 2

April 9
- added a video of the Audi TT from the first week reading "The Amazing Visual Language of Processing" in "Processing Inspiration"

April 12

- wrote comments on people's layouts for project 2 a & b

April 13

- added activity log title - updated activity log fully - fully uploaded project 1.3 motion sketches after many failed attempts
April 20

- working on layouts for project 2 c

- changing the layouts completely

- finding random text from wikipedia

- adding new HTML code to css causing the images to be clicked on and changing from page to page

April 21
- continuing creating the 6 layouts April 23
- Project 2c added to digital locker and on WIKI Student Index
- Commented on student's work
April 24 - wrote feedback on other classmates work about their new project 2.3 layouts.
April 25 - after many failed attempts of connecting to digital locker... project 2.3 has finally been added!
April 26- commented on classmates project 2.3 layouts

May 1
- added My Chemical Romance Lead singer and Graphic Designer Gerard way to Inspiraton -- People
- added a computer tip to "House keeping tips" :)

May 13- uploaded project 3. theme was a ''peek a boo'' effect. the thumbnails are unknown so it creates this constant guessing game with my site

May 14- wrote feedback on other clasmates work: Tara, Sara, Amy, Anita and Maria

May 15
- put up an html code for "fading images" effect in (Code Examples)